What is a CTF?

See here.

Essentially, a Capture the Flag (CTF) competition is an information security competition that involves solving security related problems to obtain a "flag" which usually takes the form of a string of characters. It is a great way to get into learning security and applying your knowledge to practical situations. This CTF is a jeopardy-style CTF and runs 24/7 so you can take your time to work through problems at your own pace!

Flag format?

The flag format for most challenges is MISCCTF{a-zA-Z0-9_-'!?} unless otherwise stated in the challenge description. The flag format for challenges under the MISC Website category is MISCWEBCTF{a-zA-Z0-9_-'!?}.

Do I have to make a team?

This CTF is set up as a team-based CTF, so you do have to make a team to submit flags. Teams of 1 are perfectly fine. However, there are a very large number of challenges and working together with others on problems can often be very beneficial and helpful, so forming a small team is extremely encouraged!

I have an issue with a challenge!

If you are stuck with a challenge and don't know how to progress, try asking on the Discord server or messaging the author (they are all very friendly people and will be more than happy to help you)! If you think there's something wrong with a challenge try pinging or messaging the challenge author.


  • Don't brute-force guess flags. You can submit multiple times, just don't make it seem like you are brute-forcing; it is usually obvious if you've found the correct flag.
  • Don't attack the scoring server and do not put excessive load on any other infrastructure. No challenge requires the use of automated/scanning tools.
  • Keep discussions about major parts of challenges within your team as to avoid spoiling challenges for others.
  • There is no strict restriction on team sizes, however, working in excessively large teams may not be very beneficial.
In general, just keep in mind that this platform's purpose is to provide people with educational and fun challenges with the ultimate goal of helping people to learn security and get into CTFs.

Challenge Authors

Name Discord Tag
Joseph Surin joseph#8210
Adam Kues hashkitten#4904
Annie Nie Equus#3973
John Stephenson grub#6058
Chuanshu Jiang as4s4hetic#1268